Thursday, 22 March 2018

V - PARTY mixed by FKC

I'm not really a House Music fan these days but I was on a fairly long cycle ride recently and couldn't be bothered to stop and change the streaming music I use to discover new sounds. 

This set turned out to be very good in a short space of time though it starts off with a cliched track.

Evelyn Rothschild Talks About Forecasting The Weather For Profit

I've no idea if the Rothschilds can manipulate the weather. I do know that when the media starts bleating anti Semitic conspiracy theories that there's usually some basis for more investigation.

Incidentally Evelyn (French House) is less of a fanatical Zionist than his cousin Jacob (English House). He is also married to Lynn De Rothschild who I emailed recently to confirm or deny some rumours. She didn't reply which corresponds with the gossip about her quitting Twitter.

Just saying.

Monday, 19 March 2018

The Gin Goblin Barrister - Barbara Hewson

Barbara Hewson behaves more like a practicing Satanist than a respected Barrister. Her obsession is to accuse all child abuse victims of inventing their claims and her entire life on Twitter for the last five or so years is on this one subject.

There have been times when I've interacted with her in the wee hours UK time, and I can only describe her behaviour as bizarre and seemingly drunk, which is how she earned the moniker Gin Goblin.

The Bar Standards Board have been informed and an investigation is taking place, but the sooner she is prevented from trolling child sexual abuse victims through social media, the better.